On The Clock


Costume Designer for short film. Responsible for the design, sourcing, handling, altering, distressing, transportation and documentation of character costumes.

Accepted to:

2019 Creative Minds in Cannes Film Market.

Diversity at Cannes Short Film Showcase.

Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival 2019

Official Selection Dances with Films 2019 

Official Selection Blackstar Film Festival 2019

Official Selection CAA Moebius Showcase 2019 

“When Sofia gets her first period, Lucas sets out to secure the feminine products she needs, confronting many harsh realities along the way.”

Directed by Tayo Amos

Starring Victor Munos and Crystal Avila

Assistant Director Erica Sutherlin

Written by Kathy Stocker

Produced by Agustin A. Mares and John Fairchild

Costume Design by Elena Righi

Production Design by Joseph Picozzi and Natalie Dease

Cinematography by Matthew Wilder and Hannah Bang

Edited by Shicong Zhu and Kelsey Lua

Sound by Alexandra Reinnoldt and Menu’ette Silver